10 tips to write a Story

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from everywhere. Many aspiring writers believe they need to wait for a sudden flash of inspiration to write their works, and when it comes to writing a novel, this is usually impossible for them to find. However, for those who want to become an author or short story writer, the idea of becoming their own boss can seem quite appealing. As time passes and the stories begin to come to pass — the only thing left for them to do is to start writing!

There are no rules, so writing something new every day is not a problem for us. But what exactly is good writing? Well, I think there are two things that come in mind: being original

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When people think of writing something new every day, they tend to visualize themselves behind a typewriter, working on a computer. It’s a lot easier than writing a book, at least for me. So, each day, we get to create another chapter. And I mean ‘another’ chapter, I don't want to be talking about multiple chapters, because then we would have forgotten to tell the real ending. So, let’s take our example again: Writing short story after short story is not only difficult, but also tiring. Sometimes it causes me to think of myself as one of these kids that were sent out by their parents in order to help their neighbor who had lost his job. In that situation, my work just kept getting cut off, and the only thing left for me was to keep going. Just like how we got to hear the words "Hasta la vista" from school only a couple of days after reading "Hola Verde." Not only does fiction writing give us chances to try some new things and learn new skills, but it provides us with a wide range of subjects to explore. From politics to love, relationships to travel, history to music to literature, there is always something new to look into every time you sit down to write!

Writing different storylines

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To go along with the previous point, sometimes we get bored with our existing storyline. Maybe it begins too soon, and you can’t move forward anymore. Or maybe you want to end it in a different way, or some other way, and it gets boring. That's where your imagination gives us stories to give us life or change. By creating stories or events that we like, we can bring into existence what we can’t. We can create the scenarios that best suit our needs, giving us the chance to make up our minds, turn things around, and leave them on a different path. If you want to read more, here are a few examples:

My favorite film is Gone With Pink Wolves because of its incredible plot. At first sight, it looks almost unrelated at all. Yet, through the actions of everyone and everything, such a strange and beautiful character could be formed. This movie taught me a lot. Not only learning how to deal with problems in society, but even more importantly, how to solve them with the power of the written word. Moreover, the main character Alexei Krogonov, played by Valeri Baryshnikov, starts the film as a simple young man without any relatives, yet ends up a successful entrepreneur, which demonstrates the power of the written word, while making others jealous and looking down upon him. One day, he decides to become a thief of love. For years, he tries to escape and win over women. He discovers his talent after some mistakes and finds himself again. Then he meets an old friend named Elena, whom he likes enough to save her from death. She falls in love with him, and the rest of the story describes the adventures that both Alexei and Elena face together. How can they avoid destruction while pursuing their goals? Why do they choose to spend their lives together? Who will decide to betray the other? All this questions are answered by their unique friendship, and most importantly, by the magic of their books, which they wrote. No matter how much you read books, it is clear that this novel is the best, if nothing else, that helps you get rid of fear and hope. You can’t live without a smile on your face ever. Especially during hard times, when we start believing nothing will happen to us. Everything happens for a reason, we just need courage to keep going. Also, this novel teaches us what’s worth fighting for, and that’s what makes it great.

Asking questions

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One of the most important parts of a novel is asking questions. When someone writes their novels, the reader asks lots of questions, even though nobody knows anything about the protagonist: How can he/she feel such pain? What motivates a person to do these crazy things? Which character is the most interesting? Are we heading towards something happy? Is there happiness after tragedy? Does all this happening mean something bad? Questions like these are inevitable if you want to find out what your readers want. I will never stop asking questions and thinking of ways to enhance my understanding of literary devices. There are several tools that help you understand the world better and deepen your knowledge:


— These aren't necessarily the most important ones to answer; they are often present in the text and offer insight into a certain theme

Plot twist

- these are a hint, a hint that makes the story unpredictable and exciting at the same time, helping viewers know what to expect.


– This is all about the place and times, setting things down in certain places on particular dates and explaining some details.


– Who is the character? Where are we seeing them? This is especially important when describing their emotional state.


— Where are the scenes taking place? Is there action or dialogue? How does a character behave? Does he/she treat other characters? (Also, see below)


- dialogue is a combination of thoughts, desires, wishes, and feelings. They help build the atmosphere.


– When the scene describes something you already know, you notice it and make a guess about what might happen next, even while the event isn’t yet quite explained.

Storytelling- It is all about choosing some random words to describe a character or scene.


If you have any kind of trouble figuring out where to get your ideas, these tips are very helpful. First of all, don’t judge yourself. There is no right or wrong way to write, and the quality of the results depends on your imagination. Don’t force yourself to start writing to get more ideas! Believe me when I say: writing always gives me lots of new ideas. Now it’s just a matter of how well you use them and bring them into reality.

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