Air Pollution


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Air pollution is a serious problem and this issue has been brought upon us by the people of our planet and a serious problem of many other countries. This problem arises when pollutants are released into the atmosphere and land surface and affect humans who live near such areas. In most cases, air pollutants enter through different ways such as smog, pollen, fogging, dust etc. which adversely effects human health and life quality. It can cause lung disease or respiratory problems, respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, heart diseases, and also affects brain functions. People living in urban areas and rural areas have to face these air pollutions that cannot be avoided. The most affected area is due to industrial wastes. The air pollution can be classified into two main types i.e. primary pollutant or secondary pollutant. Primary pollutant refers to any pollutants used directly before the point where it breaks down. Secondary pollutant refers to pollutants present in the air and land that is not directly caused during primary pollutant. For example, ozone layer of stratosphere protects the earth’s surface from the harmful rays emitted by sun but it can also harm plants and animals.

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So, ozone layer acts like a barrier between light and the soil that helps protect a plant from the UV rays. Air pollutants are produced out of chemical reactions of many elements in air. These pollutants are formed due to reactions of water vapors or solid particles which have a large number of negative impacts on humans, animals etc. We can identify three major types of air pollutants i.e. volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). VOCs are used to describe anything in air, one which does not naturally occurring naturally and is a compound which can easily emit ozone layer depleting substances. Carbon monoxide is a colorless gas with a pungent smell, usually formed by combustion of fuels. This gas is toxic and has a severe impact on children and adults when it comes to breathing difficulties even at low levels. Sulfur dioxide is formed as a reaction of oxides of nitrogen and oxygen which occur naturally. SO2 emissions into the air pollutes air in oceans, oceans can even be found in river sediments but they do not contribute much to climate change and it would only be considered an insignificant warming effect.

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we need to reduce CO and SO2 emissions in order to save human life. There are many common pollutions that are created out of natural sources but some are human-made and some are not. Thus, there are several methods which can help decrease these kinds of pollution. Various green houses can be used for various purposes according to their characteristics. They can either be used in controlled environment with adequate ventilation or can be designed based on environmental conditions. Green houses are considered efficient and effective. However, there are some significant drawbacks associated with their use as well. To achieve best results, designing them should be limited to certain conditions and they should maintain air cleanliness. Besides that the overall cost of building one depends on its size and location. Thus, if you want to build just a single house then it will be more costly. At least, solar panels can make your house financially sound. It can be helpful in energy saving and there is no limitation on how many times the power can be cut by rain. However, solar panels are expensive which can have a huge impact on a person’s pocket. So some things should be put in consideration while building a house as well. Hence, it important to plan ahead accordingly. Also, solar panels help the earth to get sunlight during the day. So it helps reduce the amount of CO and SO2 as well. But there are few limitations in using them in place where sunlight is less. That is why it should be planned for places where it can work efficiently rather than depending on weather conditions.

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Solar panels are not recommended for all residential buildings because they often lead to damage if too much moisture is accumulated. Furthermore, it can have an impact on electrical appliances. So solar panels can have a negative impact on electricity bills. It can also spoil indoor spaces and can have a high electricity bill that can be added on account of usage. Apart from that it is necessary to consider factors associated with home ownership. A house should be built to last longer as compared to other materials, so it should be durable. There are several eco-friendly building products available, they include recycled bricks which come from concrete blocks. There are biodegradable plastics and paper boards to replace traditional construction materials and also some other things and products which are made of sustainable raw material. Moreover, some companies offer online courses to experts and professionals. Thus, it might be beneficial to research about what kind of information about something before investing on it. Finally, installing a floor covering over wooden floors can improve its aesthetic value. Wooden flooring requires fewer maintenance than others. Most importantly, the texture makes it look elegant and more appealing. One of the biggest challenges faced by the builders today is that they often end up constructing over the existing wood, and the existing structure is not going to last long anymore. As for future generation it has become impossible to make people take care of the trees around the city because they are dying out on every year. Now there is a new solution, they can add a cover over wooden floors. Similarly, they can also use bio-organic substitutes like bio-fibers instead of real plants. Such product, instead of artificial fertilizer for plants, contains essential nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, sodium etc. When it comes to building, you definitely want to spend big money as much as possible for that but in order to give a good look, you also need to know the type of materials that will be used in your project. And that is the reason here we go to choose Bio-fiber, they are not so costly but it also gives a fresh look and natural feel to the building. Not that many people know about them even though they are highly suitable for making such buildings. I am adding an interesting fact about it. With time, the demand for bamboo has increased dramatically. More than 250 tons were harvested in 2008, then it went to another 10 tons so on. So if you are looking for simple home decoration, you should try to create and use Bamboo, Bamboo can be very useful to you. You can easily transform it in virtually any form or shape you want. So don't be afraid to experiment, start experimenting with variety. Another advantage of Bamboo Flooring is that they take less time and cost to install and maintain, so you don’t need to worry about it. Unlike traditional materials, Bamboo can support almost any weight without affecting the weight of the items. Also, for the first week, you can keep everything in order and after that, you can set up as per requirement. It would take about 6 days for complete installation. It doesn't require extra money, you have to pay the price of the basic material first and then pay as per the finish. So Bamboo is a useful and cost-effective option for anybody. So it is important to choose the right material to use. If I tell you that Bamboo has excellent properties and looks great on walls and ceilings. Then I hope you will feel surprised! It is the perfect solution for everyone. Because there are few benefits from using bamboo. Some examples may be mentioned below. Firstly, using Bamboo as a roof is the most common method. Secondly, using it on wall spaces makes the appearance beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Thirdly, the feel and look of bamboo is a natural feel like stone feel. Lastly, Bamboo and natural stone look great together. It is a must-have product for those who loves building, landscaping, photography and interior design. All these reasons help build authentic works of art and let your work stand at a better position than others. So you definitely have to consider it. Yes, bamboos are inexpensive and easy to get, but at least the cost of installing them for building is higher. Not only it will be easier to deal with, but you will also enjoy your work without doing extra work, so your work will be unique. That's why you need to consider Bamboo as a great choice. So, now let's talk about some advantages of choosing bamboo flooring. First of all, bamboo flooring can save huge amounts of money. No wonder the bamboo flooring has been named "green" one, it has amazing green colour. Secondly, bamboo is durable and can withstand all sorts of hard conditions. No wonder people prefer to use it for kitchen and bathrooms. Lastly, using Bamboo flooring can ensure low operational costs. Compared to traditional plasterings, both natural and synthetic ones, bamboo also uses less effort, so that you can work faster. The whole process requires lesser labor and no wastage because no physical effort is required. So you don't need to spend a lot of finance on getting the materials. Even if you have to carry additional material along with bamboo sticks. Yet, if you buy bamboo flooring from the market, then you can save huge amounts of money in comparison to buying pre-fabricated parts from manufacturers. On another hand, bamboo is really convenient. They are able to turn even flat surfaces into polished and shiny surfaces. Additionally, they are extremely strong which prevents cracks and stains. Thus, you don't have to worry about cleaning even from occasional spills. Bamboo is not only attractive and appealing, but also can be quite economical. Bamboo can grow as thick as 40 feet and it is incredibly durable. It can easily handle sharp edges without causing breakages and other damages. So you can install it with ease. And it can prevent heat waves, smoke and cold. And then there is one thing which you simply cannot ignore, safety. Not

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