Early Signs of Pregnancy


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Sometimes waiting to see the two little lines on a pregnancy test can feel like forever. Will it be this month? When you’re trying to conceive, you may overanalyze any new feeling and obsess in anticipation of what is coming next. However, as soon as your next menstrual cycle hits and you start getting excited for the baby shower or the birth of your child, we have some early signs that you need to know about. Here are tips on how to spot the early symptoms of pregnancy.

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1) You Get More Periods Or Frequent Showers

You might only have been pregnant once before but if you think anything about it, you can tell right away when a girl is pregnant. She gets more periods or frequent bathrooms. This means she could possibly be expecting. A girl who has a lot of regular menstruated should not be very serious about having an unborn baby in her life. Another sign that she is pregnant is when she starts getting mood swings (we have all felt them at one time or another, do they not?). If you notice yourself worrying when you spend more time by the bathroom sink than you would at home, you might be pregnant already. Your lady friend could also experience morning sickness when she is around her belly. Don’t worry about this too much as you will get better in the end.

2) Changes In The Hormones And Production And Recovery And Secretions

When you’re pregnant, your hormones secreted increase and your body adjusts to these changes. Not only that but your cervix also begins to “breathe.” With every stage and change, your uterus gets bigger and bigger until finally giving birth. During this process, your stomach may secrete less milk so don’t forget to eat your usual meals. Remember to drink lots of water regularly and don’t forget to take your prenatal vitamins. There is no need to stress or worry about taking extra supplements. Your period should never come and go as it usually does in the first few months. If your period isn’t due on time (it happens more often than not), you will feel lightheaded and feel nauseated throughout your whole day. It’s okay to miss some days for work, college classes, or other things so long as you get back on track and adjust to the new routine as soon as possible.

3) Expecting Delivery Soon

If you’ve been trying for months now and still nothing is right, it could mean you’re pregnant. After all, when our mother was pregnant with us, my dad said he thought I’d never give birth. He said I’d fall down a well or something that had no exit. But here, we might be expecting. Maybe you have heard people saying this is a blessing (or curse) because they get surprised a lot. Well, most women do not want to have kids unless they really love the idea and want them too. So don’t worry about what others say when you begin thinking about giving birth, wait till the time comes and hope for the best.

4) Feeling Sick Because Of The Baby

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You may have noticed that your pregnancy symptom list does not stop growing. So, you might want to talk to your doctor. One way you can check out if you could be pregnant is if you notice yourself feeling sick almost every month or sooner. You can also suspect you might be pregnant if you have a constant fever. Most pregnancy symptoms happen more or less during the same time around your period but, these will not last as long as the ones that will come up. Instead, you can get rid of some unwanted symptoms because your period. Just pay attention to the ones that bother you. Ask your doctor to send you samples of tests (as early as possible). You might also have experienced nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea (which means you could be lactose intolerant!) along with some light skin rash. These will turn into more severe symptoms such as severe abdominal pain and tiredness. Again, ask your doctor and let him/her inform you what could happen if you wait to take your pregnancy test.

5) Getting Longer Hair

You’re probably wondering why you are more hair today than you were 6 months ago. That could be your reason for longer hair as it’s likely your baby already have hair today. On the other hand, you could want to grow long hair because your current length will always change compared to the way it was when you were pregnant. Your scalp and head will become thicker and longer, which can cause your forehead to puff out. To prevent this, you could try to keep your hair trimmed and trim it regularly or get a hat. Also, avoid wearing big bangs, cover-up hairstyles, and make sure your scalp is cleansed throughout the day.

6) Urine Test Positivity

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You might have heard someone mention urinating while being peeved. Urine test positivity is quite common among pregnant females. What is going on when your bladder gets pushed and empty? How did you feel after your period? Did you feel like you were peeing? Now that you know why you started urinating when you can be certain you are expecting.

7) Fever Has Arrived

Most pregnant women experience morning sickness, meaning that they were infected before their period actually kicks off. Fever has a tendency to appear suddenly during the early stages of pregnancy. So, be careful and watch out for symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headaches, fever and general soreness. Some pregnant women do feel better after taking antibiotics and other medications. Since some people are allergic to antibiotics, it could mean your fever is caused by pregnancy or infection. As soon as your temperature starts rising, a doctor and you will have no choice but to seek medical help immediately.

8) Blood Stains

You might notice your blood samples are darker than normal when you are pregnant. Even though you might have been able to catch a cold as a teenager, remember not to freak about it too much when you are pregnant. Chills also occur when you are peeing more in your pants. Therefore, when you take a dip in the pool, you should not worry about finding your swimsuit wet. You should look more concerned with whether or not you have red blood due to excessive sweating and heat. When you have more peeing, you could have more blood stains on your clothes and other items you need to dispose of. This will cause you more hassle later and you might eventually lose your job as your boss!

9) Having Sudden Infant Death

Some pregnancy experiences can cause sudden infant death syndrome, aka SIDS, which is a rare condition where a newborn dies within the first few weeks of its life. When you hear the name SIDS, you can instantly guess that this is a case of premature labor and you would only be around 3 weeks late to deliver. This type of situation could mean you have already given your heart to the world at the moment, but it could also cause you to have some complications later in your pregnancies. For example, you are at risk of developing mental health problems. The fact you could not be in contact with your baby could lead to depression and anxiety. You might also feel guilty about carrying a person in your womb. Hence, this symptom could either get worse for you or better for you.

10) Being Gassy

If you ever gassy, congratulations. We see this happening more than you might believe. Your uterus becomes bloated so you may vomit more easily, not to mention your body feels heavy. Since you may not want to leave your house due to this, it may take you a few minutes to finish getting the bottle of water you just sipped during the morning’s drive. Do not panic if you vomit while sitting in class or in public and you feel that your belly hurts because you are extremely hungry. Go ahead and go grab that bottle. Wait a few hours until you feel better and when you return to your normal self, you will get through the night without any problem.

11) Cravings

If you have any cravings, you’re expecting. You can tell by the color and look. But when it comes to choosing which flavor of peanut butter, do you mind if there’s soy? No, if you get a craving for chocolate chips, it is likely because the pregnancy is going good for you and you are craving something sweet. Either way, do not let the cravings stop you from enjoying your pregnancy. If you’re craving cheese, find a piece of Parmesan cheese and spread it across your tongue. Let it go down into your gut because your brain has been primed and ready for this. Eventually, you are going to develop full taste buds and crave your favorite foods. Just keep calm and stay positive so you can enjoy your new baby’s first food.

12) Breast Pump

Being pregnant means you won’t have access to those natural supplies like breast milk. Fortunately, your momma is going to provide some milk. If you’ve been struggling with this, you aren’t alone. Many mothers feel this pressure. Thankfully, there is no shame in breastfeeding. All you have to do is ask your mom to share the load until you’ve delivered enough milk for the baby. Be sure to tell your mom or auntie that you are breastfeeding so you don’t need to worry about pumping anymore.

There are several things that could affect your pregnancy, but hopefully, some of the early signs will clue you in on whether and when it is right for you to become a parent. Don’t

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