Fried Ice Cream

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 A family favorite!

Fried ice cream combines a crunchy, flavorful crust with cool and creamy ice cream that makes a great addition to any meal at dinner. We called it “fry-frying” and we made sure everyone had access to the magic of frozen foods during our trips together. When the weather was nice enough to eat outside again, the next day we’d make one big batch of fried ice cream and put on matching polka dots for all three kids. (Yes, my husband hates the yellow polka dot.) They’d take turns sitting across from each other in the car as we drove around town (my dad’s hometown) looking at the giant vat of ice cream. Then, when we got home, they’d have their own potful of freshly churned ice cream. That’s what happened every time we headed back to school or took public transportation. The end result was just plain amazing and so good that after a few years my daughters realized how much they could actually handle them. My sons started to become more adventurous cooks but never really learned how to bake. So, my sisters cooked these ice creams for us every night – and now I find myself making them for my husband who loves to go to the grocery store for some tasty treats.

creative common licence by google

Fried Ice Cream is not only delicious, but also has a satisfying texture. You can choose between two different kinds of flavors – Vanilla and Chocolate. Another great option is peanut butter and coconut flavor and this recipe makes a great snack too if you like a light side food. If you prefer your baked goods for a healthier alternative try using brown sugar and berries instead of white sugar. These are things we’ll be sharing in future recipes and will include suggestions for toppings. This recipe includes all the base ingredients – frozen ice cream, nuts, salt, oil and sugar – and you’ll just need to add whatever flavor you like. As far as adding toppings go, here’s a simple list below to help you get started:

- chopped nuts from your favorite jar or container of nut spread

- fresh or dried fruit (preferably bananas)

- granulated sugar for garnish

- cheese

- shredded coconut or banana chips for garnish

- sprinkles for garnish

This recipe is easy to follow and adapt to whatever you want. All you need to do is to heat all these ingredients in the microwave until everything is combined and ready to serve. Even though my children and I have been able to enjoy them for just about eight hours at a time, I keep them stocked with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Their little hands can only hold so many. I’ll leave some as long as I’m keeping them busy for the rest of the week. There’s nothing quite like waking up with a bowl of warm peanut butter and banana chips on your counter. No matter what you like most about having ice cream, there are always ways to turn it into something better for you. Don’t forget to keep them topped with fresh fruits and whatever else you think adds value. Who knows what other things would look even better than the best homemade ice cream? Maybe that’d be better together than individually?

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