Importance Of Trees

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 Most of the people think trees as something that can be ignored because it seems insignificant, but this is far from reality. They are really invaluable creatures who make our lives much easier in their various shapes and sizes. They don’t just provide a basic source of water, they even supply fuel for all our engines and even help preserve natural resources like rainwater, soil and air. This article will show some of those things which make plants significant in our society and how people should save them without thinking twice.

1. Trees As Natural Resources

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We live in the age of industrialism where most of our major cities are shaped by it. So, one of the main reasons why so many industries have been built in these areas is to provide adequate space for buildings. Also, to keep them alive so human beings can use them throughout the day. But what if the local forest were to go out of existence? For instance, if a forest could be developed into a city, so would all its native species and the forest could only accommodate certain kinds of greenery and wildlife. But then, how would people survive if an area which was originally lush became barren? The answer to this question is simple and all-natural forests play a huge role in saving human beings from such predicaments.

2. Climate Change Is Happening To Us Too

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As we grow older and more aware of the environment around us, we also realise the importance of preserving nature. We now know that climate change has become a menace. It is not happening only at the point where we are in this planet, rather it is happening at every corner of this globe. One good example of such global issue is the fact that trees are slowly dying as a result of global warming and ozone layer depletion. That’s why conservation of forests is in great demand.

3. Protecting Forests Are An Investment

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The importance of trees in our societies cannot be understated. Not only do they provide our essential supplies of the aforementioned two, but they also act as a way of protecting natural surroundings. They maintain their natural habitats and provide ecosystem services to maintain balance amongst living entities and animals. Thus, trees are the ultimate investment.

4. Trees Help Improve Wellbeing

The positive effects of trees may seem too obvious when you consider their usefulness in providing us with essential items like oxygen and food. However, the same thing goes for the mental health which goes well with trees. Just think about how great they are for making your mind calm. And if you ask me whether trees have any effect on the depression I would say “yes”. The study that was conducted shows that trees are extremely helpful to our mood and bring back serotonin levels. Now that is pretty significant. Moreover, there are certain studies which show why people feel better by sitting in the shade of trees when in deep stress. Isn't that amazing?

5. Trees Help Save Energy

While trees do not produce enough carbon dioxide, they still have an enormous impact on our overall energy levels. According to research done in 2016, trees used up around 19% of all greenhouse gas emissions. It is a true blessing in disguise when you consider all the various ways we use trees for our everyday needs in order to take care of the earth and all its inhabitants. It takes a substantial amount of effort to nurture these trees. In other words, we need to protect our precious green environment.


There are a lot of uses for trees in our societies. If trees were to wither away due to modernisation or simply die out, we wouldn’t even have this beautiful world for ourselves. No matter what they look like, trees provide everything that needs to be given in return. From being home to us when we need comfort, they just add another nice touch to our homes. Hence, save your trees from extinction.

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