Normal Delivery Tips


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1.dont be panic just relax

2. Eat food gradually in 4 intervals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. Make sure you are not underweight.

4. Do your best to get rid of gas, if you have any problem with this do what the doctor says.

5. Take milk or fluid regularly as it will help to relieve nausea and also helps you reduce bloating by making you bloated.

6. If you feel extreme thirst, make sure you drink water.

7. Have good amount of water throughout your pregnancy as not much water during pregnancy can lead to water retention.

8. Drink plenty of liquids such as herbal teas, juices, water etc.

9. Avoid all foods, which will give birth problems, for example, khat.

10. Wash your hands after labour and before giving birth as they might get stuck.

11. Visit doctors early as it may affect the whole process.

12. Wear loose pants, tights and sleeveless clothing as they help in preventing any contraction in contractions.

13. Keep changing during the first few days as changes of clothes and sitting pose help in maintaining baby in the correct position.

14. Use a comfortable crib or bed for ease of delivery.

15. Increase frequency in walking as this can help with breathing.

16. Don’t take medicines or supplements if you are having any symptoms such as chest pain, breathlessness and any other condition related to contractions.

17. Try reading a book which can keep you calm and calm is best medicine.

18. Always wear diapers if you are having any trouble at the delivery site.

19. Get some help from someone if you are facing any medical issues.

20. Keep warm clothes on while expecting any labor pains.

23. Go to hospital when you experience any discomfort or pain.

24. Read the signs and symptoms and get help as soon as possible if a fever is noticed. 25. Never put pressure on the cervix.

26. It should not hurt when the cervix starts to contract during labor.

27. You should not sit up all the time as this may hurt yourself.

29. As soon as the feeling comes in, ask for support of your mother or father.

30. Take a shower after birth as the water helps to remove the heat produced in the body and hence prevent any infection or itching.

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31. If you see bleeding at the end of your uterus, go immediately to hospital just in case you need emergency assistance.

32. Talk with the doctor about any questions which you have.

33. If there is an emergency then seek immediate help immediately.

34. Be present with your husband/wife only when it is time for delivery.

35. Tell about any problems or any idea regarding your desire of having a male child.

36. There is no point in carrying out physical exercise when you are pregnant as it will increase blood pressure and stress more than normal.

37. Call your family doctor or a relative who can advise as the treatment should be given according to the pregnancy.

38. Remember the importance of avoiding accidents.

39. Your midwife / doctor should provide the necessary information so the family members can understand.

40. Discuss well with your obstetrician as he/she may need any specialised advice or treatment.

41. Plan how you want your life to be after getting married.

42. Consult the family members.

43. After giving birth there will be no one else to take care of the baby as the parents will take care of each other.

44. When the nurse is going through the contractions, pay attention and be present as you can hear them by being very attentive.

45. Pay close attention to your partner as you can hear any distress easily.

46. Give the midwife lots of details during their visit.

47. Don’t let anyone call you when you are delivering.

48. Ask the hospital staff for special equipment for the delivery as it takes a lot of effort to do this.

49. Help during childbirth by putting a pillow around your baby.

50. Listen to your husband and wife (please remember that your children are there for safety and security).

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51. Enjoy the moment as there may be little fear.

52. Take a bath or shower after giving birth.

53. Play sports as it is important to get involved in activities.

54. During childbirth, ask for medication or a drink.

55. Keep regular check on your health.

56. Spend as much time as you want with the baby as it is important for its development until they grow into toddlers.

57. Maintain a close contact with your friends.

58. Think positive thoughts.

59. Share things with co-workers.

60. Write a note, if needed.

61. Focus on your own feelings as it is your body that needs attention.

62. Watch your children during the daily routine.

63. Help others with small issues like your partner helping after delivery, someone having a headache etc.

64. See your spouse immediately after delivery and spend time together as you can discuss the delivery with them without any problems.

65. Make full use of the company facilities when you have any worries.

66. Take out any medication you need at home as it is a healthy way to treat pregnancy. 67. Continue the work as done earlier as you can keep up with the workload without any difficulties.

68. Stop any kind of smoking and drinking or consuming alcohol.

69. Ensure that you wash your hands after the delivery.

70. Have enough rest when the delivery is done as the last part of the day brings more stress of work and other responsibilities.

71. Take a bath after the delivery and prepare yourself for whatever comes next. 72. Have a nice conversation with the medical team.

73. Set some plans and stick to them.

74. Maintain a happy mind and spirit.

75. Don’t forget to wear gloves and covers when doing surgery and any other procedures.

76. Do not sleep in till after giving birth as you may suffer from backache or neck pain. 77. Don’t keep any visitors in the house during pregnancy.

78. Don’t leave your mobile phone in rooms and never lend it to someone while pregnant.

79. Stay away from fast food restaurants unless you are staying with relatives.

80. Don’t spend money unnecessarily during pregnancy as it harms the economy and causes people to become unemployed.

82. Keep yourself hydrated.

83. Do not smoke and take special precautions during pregnancy.

84. Adopt strong and supportive habits and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

85. Exercise regularly and try not to overwork yourself.

86. Follow the doctor’s advice during breastfeeding.

87. Try to cut down alcohol consumption and have a balance between the two things.

88. Speak well about your pregnancy with everyone as that makes the delivery easier.

89. Be presentable and respect the dignity of womenfolk as well as men folk of the country.

90. Support your nearest friends from where you are getting the support and help during the pregnancy.

91. Show love and affection towards your family during the delivery to ensure a safe births.

92. Help others during birth and offer some extra advice to them when you find difficult times.

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