Water Pollution


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Do you know that a simple trash will be the most important factor of ocean pollution? In fact, it was the main reason of such problem as overfishing is now an industry. The more we pollute our oceans the harder it gets to preserve them for future generations. According to Earth Institute or Environmental Protection organization there are more than 17,000 species on a single square kilometer (2,700 sq mi) area on earth. Nowadays each of us throws 5 kgs of garbage into the sea every day. According to World Health Organization “In 2017, 1.5 billion people used 2.7 kgs of plastics (including their packaging) in their daily lives”. This means approximately 40% of our daily production is thrown away by our consumer goods. Our world is changing at so fast pace that it can lead to many problems around us. So what can we do in this situation? We need to focus attention on all these things. There are so many problems with plastic bottles and other sources. And the solution is not only in this case. But there are lots of similar cases all over the planet. People started using some new types of items (like bags and even cups). Such type of materials can also release toxic substances into the environment. For example, some plastic bottles contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which does very dangerous acts like leaching organic compounds from soil. However, now we have another alternative — biodegradable plastics.

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They include both synthetic and natural components (they usually come with fewer emissions). These plastic products can easily break down into methane gas. Then they can slowly help to slow down its effects on the atmosphere by breaking the old PVC from one end and mixing it with various natural elements while creating a barrier to protect the soil. Therefore, nowadays biodegradable plastics used almost everywhere all over the globe. If we don’t reduce plastic use then the damage to the ocean is going to increase too much. As a result, we can create this mess. How can we solve this problem? Well, according to my personal opinion, we should change our lifestyles and buy reusable cloths instead of using the disposable ones.

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By doing that, we can take advantage of nature and live in harmony with nature. So, let’s start changing our life with reusable cloths. First step is to identify the kind of material. I prefer using bamboo fiber because it is light weight and easy to carry. Another advantage a bamboo fabric is that it is easy to use. It doesn’t require special skills to prepare and look nice for a dinner table or kitchen counter and it can be hung up anywhere without any difficulties. I want to emphasize that choosing a suitable material for making a garment is one of the key steps to be taken into consideration. Next, it is time to find out how can we make this garment eco-friendly. Not only should you recycle your old fabric but also we should make sure that it is recyclable. When it comes to the design and structure of the garment, it should be eco-friendly, it should make us feel comfortable and happy. Let’s talk about different kinds of fabrics. My favorite is knitted cotton, I can use it, it’s light weight and I can hang it up to the wall for decoration. Or if I wish to wear something more casual I choose lightweight silk. Also there is another kind of fabric—fabric made from plants. I love the idea, it is eco-friendly. I think it is more appropriate for those who work outside all the time for example. What I like is that it is not difficult to get the material. Plus this idea can be used throughout the year for a variety of events or activities. At the same time, it is not expensive either. That is another great advantage. Thus, I think we should use recycled clothes instead of making them from trees and using water. Here is another question: “How can we make it a better life for ourselves and nature?” So, now it’s time to figure out what are the best alternatives to plastic bottles and other sources. After choosing a material, it is time to design a perfect plan. To make the product attractive enough, we need to use several colors while making it. Using colorful polyester yarn is a good option. Make a pattern with polyester yarn. We can also add flowers, fruit, and animals to the clothing, however we need to consider their size. For children’s shoes, the sandals would give most of advantages for them. There are also other possibilities like adding wood to the leather shoes or making it from glass. Moreover, we have different types of plant fiber in our garments: hemp fiber, seaweed fiber, etc. Thus, it is possible to create a perfect balance between nature and human in the modern life. Now we can tell you how can we make our life happier and better. Let’s begin by using only the best possible substitute of plastic bottles and garbage instead. One of the first solutions that should be undertaken at home if you haven’t heard about it is composting a vegetable peel. Why composting a vegetable peel? Because it is an effective method of reducing food waste, it is a useful source of nutrients, and it’s safe for everyone to destroy. Vegetable peels can be used, they can be used as cattle feed and we can put them on dry grass, they can also be sold at market.

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